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Human Immunodeficiency Virus, better known as HIV, is a form of lent virus which slowly replicates retrovirus that may be the main cause of AIDS which is a short form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This is the very dangerous disease which directly affects the defense mechanisms of a person which usually therein results in disappointment of the functioning of the. HIV is a debilitating disease which invites numerous infections and cancers. HIV infection mainly propagates through breast milk, before ejaculate, vaginal fluid, semen and transfer of blood. The three main important cells of a human body are infected by HIV namely dendritic cells, macrophages and helper T cells.

Many people become familiar with the early signs associated with HIV as soon because they get infected but a great many others might not experience the same. These symptoms should stop ignored considering them infection, flu or viral a fever. If the immune technique starts to fail, it affects every organ of the body in various types of infections. Most of the folks experience the early symptoms but to the other folks it can also consider years to recognize the disease. HIV symptoms might fluctuate in terms of males and females. Initial HIV symptoms in women can be fever, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, groin or armpits, diarrhoea, nausea, tiredness and headache.

Latter signs regarding HIV in women can be memory loss, depression as well as other neurological disorders, reddish, brown, pink, or purple blotches on or underneath the skin or inside the particular nose, mouth or eyelids, pneumonia, unusual damage or white spots inside throat or on the actual tongue, diarrhoea which is maintained more than a few days, profound fatigue, night seating or fever, dry shhh and a very fast loss in weight.

Initial HIV symptoms in men can be persistent skin rashes or flaky skin color, loss in weight, candida albicans, sweating and frequent temperature, lymph node enlargement as well as tiredness. Other symptom might be development of various kinds of cancers, coma, a severe form of headache and also head stiffness, neurological ailments like depression, memory loss and confusion, lack associated with coordination or seizures, reddish, brown, pink, or violet blotches on or underneath the skin or inside the nose, mouth or eyelids, nausea, abdominal cramping, vomiting, vision loss, pneumonia, unusual blemishes or white spots in the throat or on your tongue, dry cough ,trouble in swallowing and an incredibly rapid loss in pounds.

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